1. Sandman333's Avatar
    Post the make/model number and size of your large capacity SD cards that are working in your DT2 and the price you paid.

    I opted for the 64Gb model, but as time goes on I'm sure I will want even more storage. From what I understand, the DT2 can accept up to 2 Tb in SD storage?
    11-09-2015 09:00 PM
  2. CharlieL3's Avatar
    SanDisk Ultra 128GB micro SDXC card, $59.99.
    11-10-2015 10:30 AM
  3. lgGslateuser's Avatar
    Not sure if 64GB is considered large anymore but I have one in my DT2 that works great. PNY U3 Turbo Performance 64GB High Speed MicroSDXC Class 10 UHS-I, up to 90MB/sec Flash Card (P-SDUX64U390G-GE)
    11-10-2015 11:39 AM
  4. Sandman333's Avatar
    Anyone else? What are the largest SD cards currently made?
    11-12-2015 04:37 PM
  5. Moto0685's Avatar
    Anyone else? What are the largest SD cards currently made?
    I do believe there are 200 GB floating around, but prepare to pay nearly half of what you paid for the T2, for one that will not give you whole lot of problems

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    11-12-2015 04:51 PM

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