1. Sandman333's Avatar
    Look what I found under "Developer Options":

    Easier root?-screenshot_2015-11-10-16-49-55.jpg

    Will this possibly make rooting easier, or will this assist in porting the phone to other carriers? (Or neither?)

    BTW, I had to send this screen shot to myself as an email. I tried both the AC app and Tapatalk, and both force-closed as soon as I tried attaching the pic.
    11-10-2015 05:04 PM
  2. benjamminh's Avatar
    Yeah, others have mentioned that. Considering it's Verizon no is always the safe bet.
    11-10-2015 05:31 PM
  3. doogald's Avatar
    I'm pretty sure that Motorola just forgot to remove that from the developer options. I'm sure it's there for Nexus phones and other phones that can be bootloader unlocked. If I'm not mistaken, that option is also on the Droid Turbo since the Lollipop release.

    Unless Verizon somehow drastically changes, I think there is zero chance that there will be an official bootloader unlock for this phone, and you'll be lucky if somebody finds a way to unlock it through an exploit.

    If you want a phone that can be unlocked, buy a Nexus.
    11-10-2015 05:48 PM
  4. JJ Jones's Avatar
    It's on the T1 as well, which sadly after a year still is without root.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-10-2015 10:04 PM
  5. rdjr74's Avatar
    Guess we're not gonna see foxfi work on this phone, ever, especially with no root. This is a major disappointment.
    11-11-2015 12:40 PM

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