1. hal1's Avatar
    Just got this email, I don't know if it's really "just for me". Even if the code doesn't work, I just went to their site and it's taking 30% off. Super deal on a super case, grippy, and protective. A little bigger than the tech 21 but not by too much.

    "40% off just for you!
    We haven’t seen you around in awhile. Come back and take 40% off your entire purchase!
    (expires 12/16)

    Just worked for me, came to $20.97, total.

    I'm super bummed since I paid full price on Amazon a couple weeks ago, but I'll share this with my Turbo buddies.

    I'm considering the white one, looks cool, but since I always wear it with my Seidio holster I think I prefer the understated black that blends in better (not as dork looking)

    Post up if it works for you
    12-14-2015 09:08 PM
  2. jonstrong's Avatar
    I checked out the Speck site page where they feature the Candyshell Grip case for the Droid Turbo 2. I didn't see any place to enter the code, even up to checkout -- but the site is featuring a 30% discount on everything right now:

    CandyShell Grip Motorola Droid Turbo 2 Cases

    So - the Candyshell Grip comes from from $34.95 ot $24.46. If you can figure out how to apply your discount code on top of that, of course, that would be a fantastic price. But the 30% discount itself is also pretty nice. Only two color combos available right now: Black/Gray, and White/Black. Both look good, although it would also be nice to see some of the other combinations Speck offers for other phones.

    12-14-2015 10:03 PM
  3. hal1's Avatar
    Yeah, when you enter the promo code at checkout it replaces the 30% off price with the 40% off price. No double dipping
    12-14-2015 11:26 PM

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