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    Originally posted in wrong place so I'm reposting .

    I need some guidance please! I have a Samsung S6 but the only thing I love is the camera! I heard the turbo 2 can't compare to the s6 camera but it's decent (better than droid turbo) but I think I'm willing to have more of a battery over a camera. So to the average person, is the camera THAT much different than the s6? I'm leaning heavily to droid 2...I hate charging 2 or 3x a day...even with black wallpaper, energy saver and closing non essential apps!

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    Posted via the Android Central App
    01-05-2016 04:43 PM
  2. weatherlover1's Avatar
    Battery life for me is way more important than the camera. The camera is okay. I had a note 3 before this phone and hated that camera hated it. This camera is better but not great. I don't use my phone for important pictures though.
    01-05-2016 04:57 PM
  3. Ry's Avatar
    In good light, it's hard to notice.

    How often do you need to take pics in a dimly lit bar?

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    01-05-2016 07:01 PM
  4. Lantazd's Avatar
    I did it. Turned in my Samsung and got the turbo 2. The sales guy actually told me to throw it across the store... Which is all hard wood floors! It was so cool. Camera is great, battery is awesome. Thanks guys!

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    01-09-2016 10:00 AM
  5. pbike908's Avatar
    I'd probably wait and see what the new S7 have in store. Rumor has it bigger battery.

    Droid Turbo 2 camera is better than average, but doesn't compare to Iphone or Samsung. Droid Turbo 2 also lacks finger print reader meaning unlocking can be a pain and so would using Android Pay.

    Droid Turbo 2 is fast and battery life and turbo charging are awesome!!! Check the verzion deals. I got mine for $325 and some folks say they were able to get for $225. In my opinion, the phone isn't worth $525 or $625 as the Nexus 6P is $499.
    01-09-2016 03:15 PM

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