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    mid Dec: Dropped my Moto X 2014. The corner hit a hard tile floor, from only about 1 ft. Screen shattered. I was so upset, I usually take very good care of my stuff. Put clear shipping tape across the screen so it wouldn't slice my fingers. It actually worked pretty good! I like the Moto X. My only complaints are that it doesn't have an SD card slot and the battery isn't great. I noticed the fairly-new Droid Turbo 2 has SD and a bigger battery. Hmmm...

    12-26: Went to local Verizon store. They had a special for the Turbo 2, trade-in a smartphone (even with a cracked screen) and get $200 off my bill. Seemed like a good deal, I needed a new phone, so I said OK, gimme a T2! I didn't want the montlhy payments, so I paid the $200 (+tax on full price). They were out of stock. They ordered one for me. I noticed the receipt was not Verizon, but some wireless company. This used to be a Verizon corporate store, but I guess not anymore. Oh, well, phone is ordered. What can go worng?

    12-30: Picked up my shiny new T2! I asked about the $200 trade-in, they told me I would get a text with instructions in about 5 days.

    Jan 7: Did not receive a text about the trade-in.

    Jan 8: Still no text, or email, or anything about the trade-in.

    Jan 9: Went to the store and talked with the manager, he said he would check with his rep and send me an email, maybe later that night. Never got an email (didn't really expect to).

    Jan 10: Called Verizon customer service (very friendly and helpful). I asked about my trade-in info. She looked up my account and said it doesn't show that I qualify for the trade-in offer. She did some more searching (or whatever she was doing), and found that the trade-in is only good if you do the device payments, not for the the 2-year contract price as I did. (It would have been nice if the store told me that.) She told me I could go back to the store and have them move me to the monthly payments but, because they are in independant store, their price may not be the same as online or in a corporate store. She said if it's much higher, I can returen the T2 and go to a corporate store or order online. Online price is $21.83/mo (there is a special for the T2, $100 off full price). Went back to the store. Walked by the T2 display. $27.45/mo! OK, I'm returning my brand new T2. Yes, I have to pay a "restocking" fee, but I still come out ahead. And I feel the store was not honest with me (or didn't know what they were selling) and then gave me a run-around, so I really don't want to give them my business.

    Went home and logged into my Verizon account to make sure my old phone was back on the account and that it is again eligible for an upgrade. It was, and it was.

    Waiting a few days for my account to cool off.

    1-16: Ordered my new T2, online. Also made sure I got the $200 trade-in and the free 32 GB SD card. Received emails immediately after I completed the order confirming both my T2 order and the trade-in.

    1-17: Received 2 emails. One saying my T2 shipped. The other said the box for my trade-in shipped. I really like being informed about what's going on! Should receive phone on 1-20.

    1-18: Waiting . . .
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    01-19-2016 01:16 AM
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    Wow! What a fiasco! Glad you got it sorted out and hope you enjoy your new phone!
    01-19-2016 06:55 AM
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    I never deal with non corporate stores.
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    01-19-2016 07:09 AM

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