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    I have a 2 month old Turbo 2

    After I take it off of a full charge from being on the charger all night, it seems like after 5 minutes of use I'm already down to 95%....i don't know much about this stuff but to me that seems like there has to be a reason why the battery starts to drain so fast right out of the gate ....

    I really don't have any other issues with the battery on this phone though...it will last me all day and I still have 30-40% left at night when I go to bed. And that is with a decent use of the phone throughout the day.

    I guess that first 5-10% drain speed just really annoys me.

    Any help is appreciated !!
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    02-25-2016 07:20 AM
  2. 1901Madison's Avatar
    Totally agree. Kind of the opposite of LG G4, which stays at 100% seemingly forever. As someone mentioned yesterday, the T2 seems to drain really fast for the first 1/3, but then slow down significantly around 70%. It's a little different than the Maxx, which discharged slowly at first and then more rapidly when it hit 45% or so and the original Turbo, which seemed to discharge pretty evenly throughout.

    One thing I have come to accept is that the T2 just doesn't have the same battery life as the original Turbo. It's definitely really good battery life, better than almost every other flagship, but a small step back from the T1.
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    02-25-2016 09:10 AM
  3. Soundtallica's Avatar
    If it really bothers you, try wiping cache or re-calibrating your battery. There are numerous tutorials online on how to do so.
    02-25-2016 10:01 AM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    If you don't have issues, I'd suggest that it's not worth worrying about it. My iPhone stays at 100% for a long time and then starts draining. The reality is that the phone is just guessing what the battery percentage is based on factors like current draw, temperature, clock speeds, etc., and it may just take a while after a full charge for the phone to get the estimate right. The battery does not have any sort of sensor that says "I am x% charged" - the phone and battery pack have circuitry to look for signs to guess at the charge level. See Does the Battery Fuel Gauge Lie? - Battery University

    In the case of the iPad, a 10 percent discrepancy between fuel gauge and true battery SoC is acceptable for consumer products. The accuracy will likely drop further with use, and depending on the effectiveness of a self-learning algorithm, battery aging can add another 20-30 percent to the error. By this time the user has gotten used to the quirks of the device and the oddity is mostly forgotten or accepted.
    So, ignore the state of charge when you first pull off power. It will get closer to right as the Turbo 2 is off the charger longer.
    02-25-2016 11:17 AM
  5. THEPRFCT10's Avatar
    Here's today's stats. Ridiculous.
    02-25-2016 12:11 PM
  6. 1901Madison's Avatar
    If it really bothers you, try wiping cache or re-calibrating your battery. There are numerous tutorials online on how to do so.
    I tried both and neither worked. Like you said, not a huge deal. Just a minor annoyance.
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    02-25-2016 06:39 PM

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