1. abnikki's Avatar
    Is the phone supposed to be water resistant? Is there away to wipe the phone if the screen is not responding?

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    03-05-2016 10:00 PM
  2. Toes Up's Avatar
    The phone is supposedly water repellant, which doesn't mean much. Try holding the power button down for 7-10 seconds. Good luck.
    03-05-2016 11:19 PM
  3. doogald's Avatar
    I believe that they advertise it as nano coated splash resistant. So, if you're caught in a rainstorm or carry it in your pocket while you exercise and sweat, the phone should be fine. A soaking, though. Not so much.

    If you set up android device manager or Motorola's remote management facility, if the phone boots without the screen working you'd be able to do a remote data wipe. Or you can try a remote data wipe so that the next time it powers on it will be wiped.
    03-05-2016 11:24 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Water resistance is never a guarantee that the phone is 100% waterproof (regardless of what they show you in ads). All it takes is one small breach in the protective coating or seals (e.g., a small screen crack from minor trauma), and water could potentially get into the innards of the phone.
    03-05-2016 11:31 PM

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