1. Mustachio's Avatar
    Now that my DT2 updated to 6.0, it has developed a showstopping problem. It instantly powers off at random times, usually when I'm using it. Worse, the power button is ineffective at restarting the phone. The only way to restart it is to plug it into a power source and then press the Power button after it acknowledges that it's charging.

    It used to do it only one or twice per day, but now it's doing it constantly.

    Verizon confirms that it's happened to others, so it's not just me.

    Has anyone else here experienced this, or have any suggestions, before I tell Verizon to send me a new phone?

    Thanks in advance.
    05-19-2016 07:09 PM
  2. Mustachio's Avatar
    Also, I've already performed a system reset and then a cache wipe, with no change.
    05-19-2016 07:33 PM
  3. Spikeytree's Avatar
    have you try starting the phone as a new device after the wipe? If yes you might need to contact Motorola for a warranty repair or try to get Verizon to just get you a new one in store. I just did a got a phone warranty and it took about 2 weeks.
    05-20-2016 01:36 AM
  4. Pollster's Avatar
    When you reset the phone, do you run the phone for a day or two with no apps installed, or do you immediately reinstall all apps?
    05-20-2016 02:04 PM
  5. Turbo II's Avatar
    Same thing happened to my 2nd Turbo II. Rebooted all the time after 6.0 OTA push. Tried everything and I mean everything. Basically bricked because it rebooted so many times.

    Verizon exchanged it for another refurbished (read used) Turbo II. Problem solved, for now, except they're trying to push another OTA update on me. I've been avoiding it for fear that it will brick the phone again but it reminds me constantly breaking into the screen every few minutes. Currently on 6.0 version 24.14.11 kinzie_verizon.

    Maybe the new push is 6.0.1 ??
    06-02-2016 05:21 PM
  6. frankemtp's Avatar
    You are being asked to accept 24.14.12. You would then be on the most current iteration of the software. Good luck!
    06-02-2016 06:13 PM
  7. adayoff's Avatar
    Anybody having an issue during priority only setting? This question might not be suitable for this post, but I'm guessing it's to do with 6.0. When priority only is set and starred contacts only are supposed to ring through, any random call gets through. Weird, huh?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    06-07-2016 08:07 PM
  8. Mustachio's Avatar
    I ended up sending my phone back to Motorola; just got it back and it's till got 6.0 on it. It repeated this showstopper behavior twice today. NOT HAPPY.
    06-12-2016 03:37 PM

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