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    Droid Turbo2
    07-01-2016 12:19 PM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Verizon has announced nothing either way. It will happen when it happens.
    07-02-2016 06:06 AM
  3. pbike908's Avatar
    Verizon has gone on record many times saying they are not a fan of WIFI calling. Therefor, on a Verizon exclusive phone I suspect it will be slow in coming. Just saying...
    07-02-2016 11:29 AM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    Verizon has gone on record many times saying they are not a fan of WIFI calling...
    Do you have a link for that? Because if wifi calling allows them to keep a customer who gets no signal at work, for example, I'd think they'd be a big fan of wifi calling.

    Fwiw, wifi calling works great on an iPhone on Verizon. Better than advanced calling, actually.
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    07-02-2016 01:06 PM
  5. Ry's Avatar
    Verizon has gone on record many times saying they are not a fan of WIFI calling.
    I too would like to see official word of this.

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    07-02-2016 01:10 PM
  6. pbike908's Avatar
    Do an internet search on it. The top dogs have said it more than once in interviews and on conference calls.

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    07-02-2016 06:08 PM
  7. doogald's Avatar


    What am I supposed to be seeing?
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    07-02-2016 11:23 PM
  8. pbike908's Avatar
    OK, there this is from awhile ago, but there have been several similar statements from Verizon Executives on this subject.

    Verizon Wireless plans to launch Wi-Fi calling in mid-2015 - FierceWireless

    Verizon is THE PREMIUM cellular/wireless carrier in the U.S. There market isn't bargain hunters. It's folks that want the best. And wrapped up in that is security. And Verizon has gone on record several times stating that WIFI calling poses security risks as well as quality control issues.

    Now, I am not saying that Verizon has turned their backs entirely on WIFI calling. They have been dragged kicking and screaming into having to provide this feature. Verizon's strength is their network. And they have staked their premium pricing on their network as well as their security which is important more to corporate customers than consumers.

    I do think the Verizon will cave and eventually have WIFI calling on their Droid phones. But it isn't a priority.

    And I am a Verizon Prepaid customer. And WIFI calling is currently only available for Postpaid customers which is another indicator that Verizon is dragging their heals on implementing this feature.

    Such is life. If WIFI calling was very important to me, personally, I would have jumped from Verizon a long time ago. That's me. Not you. Just sayin.....
    07-03-2016 07:39 AM
  9. doogald's Avatar
    Yeah, thanks for the link, I just found the same article and came back to post.

    One executive at a time when Verizon didn't have wifi calling, which could easily be understood as underplaying a slight weakness compared with other carriers.

    Fwiw, their iPhone implementation from a technology point of view is fantastic - I can now make and receive calls in places where the coverage is weak (sorry, Mr. Shammo, but your coverage is not as ubiquitous as you think or say it is). But the usability of one part is crap. You have to register your physical location for the purposes of 911, but you can't use location services to fill in the address, it won't store addresses you've already entered if you want to switch between two places, etc.

    I wonder if the 911 issue is the big reason they're dragging their heels? One person who calls 911 with the wrong location and maybe Verizon feels they'd be sued if there is a bad outcome?
    07-03-2016 10:43 AM
  10. wckesq's Avatar
    I too am interested in this since my signal at work is less than adequate. Despite the size difference, I am considering the Z solely for that feature alone. Wish we would get some indication from VZW, but suspect we were abandoned once the Z came out, if not before then.
    08-13-2016 10:18 AM

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