1. Zorro1's Avatar
    We're heading from US to the UK in two weeks, wanted a SIM card...but info conflicts.
    07-08-2016 02:58 PM
  2. Almeuit's Avatar
    It is unlocked. Verizon 4GLTE phones are unlocked out of the gate.

    Do you have a friend on another carrier like AT&T or T-Mobile? Slap in their SIM for a second. It should try and connect up versus giving you a "SIM Locked" message.
    07-08-2016 03:00 PM
  3. Zorro1's Avatar
    Thanks, good idea...Moto even took my MEI number...

    And I've found some posts from Doogald on other threads that this is unlocked for sure, plug in the SIM and you should have life unless you need to reset APN...

    You'd think this would be easy by now! lol
    07-08-2016 04:00 PM
  4. Zorro1's Avatar
    Updates for future readers:

    We were in the UK and Ireland for two weeks. The phone IS unlocked, but VZW keeps giving all sorts of weird messages, clearly it's not happy when you pull their card out! lol We used three.co.uk based on advice from those who live there: very good and fast service pretty well anywhere. We did get spotty up in the nether north parts of Scotland and the southern coast of Ireland at times, but otherwise it worked great. You can buy a 30 pound card that you'll likely not use up with 12 gigs of data and so many minutes of phone and texts we didn't even touch the limits. Used like a half gig! even with all the navigating. Once you sit somewhere, wifi is pretty prevalent, so you really only use of data when navigating. If we were to ever go back, we've got 95% left on our cards...it did take some set up by the 3 guy to see their network, but after that no trouble. And returning to US, just plugged back in the VZW cards and all was as it had been.
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    08-11-2016 04:26 PM
  5. SSpinball's Avatar
    Turbo and Turbo 2 are Sim unlocked and work on any GSM Network. Bootloader is locked.
    10-22-2016 07:56 PM

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