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    I was thinking to buy the Droid turbo 2. My brother has the Droid Turbo and its great. Its camera is great. Buying for the camera. Thinking to buy its upgraded model. Firstly i thought to buy Moto X pure for its style but seeing the battery, i chosen turbo 2. I have some questions about the turbo 2.

    ◽Is turbo 2 having dual sim support?
    ◽Can it be rooted?
    ◽How's the battery timing?
    ◽Latest version turbo 2 having?
    ◽Difference between Moto X force and Droid turbo 2?
    03-08-2017 03:30 PM
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    I'll answer what I know.

    ◽Is turbo 2 having dual sim support?

    ◽Latest version turbo 2 having?
    It just received Nougat

    ◽Difference between Moto X force and Droid turbo 2?
    The hardware is almost exactly the same. Turbo 2 is a Verizon-exclusive phone, though the SIM is not locked, so you can insert a non-Verizon SIM and the phone will work. The X Force has more LTE bands than the T2 (the T2 LTE bands are more specific to Verizon than to a traditionally unlocked phone.) However, the T2 - so far - gets Android updates faster than the X Force. The T2 has some Verizon-specific software and apps, plus some bloatware, that the X Force does not have.
    03-08-2017 05:01 PM

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