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    My old phone was starting to die and my wife's T2 was looking very nice. Hers is the 64gb custom made model. I searched around and found a new in a sealed (?) Box T2 from a phone store on ebay. The store was in China and it took 29 days to get the phone but the store had high ratings. Got the phone. Looked great popped my Sim in and it ran beautifully. Loved it. Now here's where it gets weird. The phone showed 64gb of memory but the imei search showed it as 32. Odd. Then the camera failed. It did upgrade nicely to 7.0 I figured what the heck I'll call Motorola. They were nice and said they would send me a new phone. I got a probably refurbished 32 gb phone. The Chinese Store were nice and gave me $50 back to be nice and said their records showed I was sent a 64gb model. Well the replacement phone is running nicely. My wife's phone at some point upgraded to 7.0 and is running flawlessly. Mine shows no upgrade availability which is OK considering all the problems. A lot of trouble for a phone but it was only $190 after the refund. All my fault for going that route. Any insight on the 64/32 gb discrepancy would be welcome. Thanks.
    03-28-2017 07:44 PM

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