1. IronCat21's Avatar
    I bought a Galaxy Note 5 used for $244. Almost the exact same dimensions, just a longer screen. Battery life isn't as good, but it's more than enough for my 12 hour shifts. Sound quality for phones is much better, plus it switches over to Wi-Fi calling immediately instead of a pause. No more apps crashing. Netflix and other streaming apps work much better. The stylus is definitely a call extra. I like to doodle on Snapchat so it's pretty neat! I do miss the Moto Actions like the camera and flash light, but my droid was just too buggy for a flagship phone. I tried a reset, clearing the cache constantly. It just wasn't worth the hassle.

    This isn't an attempt to bash the Turbo 2, I loved it while it worked. But it shouldn't be constantly restarting when I don't do anything weird with it. Samsung just made a better phone.
    07-27-2017 05:50 PM
  2. amyf27's Avatar
    I have the Note 5 and S8+. Have been a Samsung fan awhile now. Welcome to Samsung
    07-27-2017 06:28 PM
  3. IronCat21's Avatar
    Thanks! I don't know if the app developers focus on Samsung users more and develop their apps to work better with them, but that's what it seems like. Apps just don't crash on my phone anymore. It's so refreshing!
    07-28-2017 02:25 PM

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