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    Today was my first full day with my droid turbo..... I've got 22h off charger. 5.5hrs of screen on time and 25% battery left. All in all I say the Turbo outperforms my old Galaxy s5 and moto x 2014. Loving this phone.
    11-01-2014 02:01 AM
  2. djh2011's Avatar
    Quite the mixed experience for me. Coming from the G2. Phone is a bit heavier. I charged the Turbo to full and got 11 hours and 27 mins out of the battery. Admittedly i had some heavy use in the first few hours but had a dramatic drop off after 3 pm in usage until i had to put in on the charger around 11pm. Not as good as i expected especially because i seemed to get quite a bit of battery drain just from unlocking phone and sending messages. This morning, my phone has been off charger for an hour and a half and im down to 89%. Not a single call or message. Opened up espn.com and that was it. Not impressed.

    Camera takes good pics but god forbid you have a little shake. Takes a few seconds to focus. The ones that turned out well look gorgeous though. Wish they opted for OIS in this camera. Color reproduction is nice. Also wish it had the 8x zoom like the G2.

    Also, has anyone else noticed their auto brightness not working? Mine has been on auto and i have noticed it change brightness at all. In bed in a completely dark room it was still way to bright for being on auto.

    Love the feel of the device but not sure if i am completely sold so far. Glad i kept the G2.

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    11-01-2014 08:29 AM

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