1. nwcollins's Avatar
    Hello all, I have been with page plus over a year now and love it. I currently am using a 4s but am looking to get a 4g lte phone and have narrowed it down to either the turbo or nexus 6. I like Motorolas record on fast android updates, minimal altercation to android, and the turbo seemed exactly what I want in having top notch specs, durable build, and of course that battery. I am aware it is vzw exclusive but I spoke to a Verizon rep online and they told me if I paid list price for the phone and just signed up for a plan out of contract they could sell me the phone and I could just cancel the contract and keep the phone. Well I tired two vzw stores and neither would sell me the turbo even at list price unless I signed a 2 year contract. I think the store level manafement was just being aggressive because on their website you can buy the turbo or anything else list price without having to sign a contract so long as you pick a plan. I could try the website but after experiencing how heavy handed vzw is being about their new droid I am nervous about using it on page plus even if technically it should work. Verizon may decide to cut off updates for phones on pp I fear and am wanting feedback on this. Could wait for nexus even though it's too big to me but then again even the vzw version of the nexus may be guarded by big red?
    11-04-2014 06:31 PM
  2. derrickp10's Avatar
    Have you tried buying through the website? I went back to Verizon just for the Droid Turbo. I am buying the phone through edge and as soon as it is paid for, I am going to pp.
    11-11-2014 10:58 AM
  3. nwcollins's Avatar
    Well bought through the website by signing up for a plan but paying list price for phone. Still haven't received the phone and I ordered wed night so not sure what happened to overnight shipping...oh over on Howard forums a guy showed me how to order phones direct from vzw's website without getting service on them. If you haven't already done the edge approach I can share the link or just search for the droid turbo related thread I posted under page plus section.

    War. Damn. Eagle.
    11-11-2014 12:10 PM

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