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    I've been using Beautiful Widgets since HTC came out with their sense widget on the Hero. So Since it now works with Nova Launcher, today I decided to give the Droid Command Center a go.

    Note: I get a bit fanatical with weather apps once winter approaches. I have Weatherbug, Yahoo Weather, and whichever provider beautiful widgets has, and between the three apps I can average a correct forecast.

    I actually used to use AccuWeather before I got turned on to Yahoo Weather, but it consistently stayed high on my battery usage, even with 2 hour sync intervals. Command Center uses AccuWeather, which may or may not be what's causing the drain.

    Nevertheless, Moto's stock battery stats and GSam display battery usage differently, which is also the case with a number of other apps, making it hard to isolate life-sucking apps.

    What you will see here is the stock battery stats menu displaying Command Center at 11% drain with:
    CPU total: 7m 44s
    CPU foreground: 8s
    Keep awake: 1h 34s
    Mobile data received: 470 KB
    Mobile data sent: 243 KB
    Wi-Fi data received: 2.14 MB
    Wi-Fi data sent: 1.02 MB

    GSam shows Command Center at .3% under app usage when view % power used is selected from the drop down menu. It also shows:
    CPU Usage: 1m 22s
    Bytes Sent: 492.28 KB
    Bytes Received: 1.91 MB

    GSam is much more intuitive and most likely will show that 1 hour awake time under Combined App Wakelocks in the "View Kernel Wakelocks" drop down menu. However, it also may show in the View % Power Used drop down menu as bundled with Android System and Kernel (Android OS), most likely added to Kernel (Android OS) reporting.

    There is a discrepancy amongst all Android devices when battery stats are concerned. Not only does every phone report differently via their own built in battery stats menu, but apps such as GSam report stats differently as well. Hopefully one of them points to the culprit.

    Verizon Motorola Droid Turbo Command Center Drain, Built-in Battery vs GSam-stock-battery.pngVerizon Motorola Droid Turbo Command Center Drain, Built-in Battery vs GSam-gsam1.pngVerizon Motorola Droid Turbo Command Center Drain, Built-in Battery vs GSam-gsam2.png
    11-06-2014 07:36 PM

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