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    As its crazy powerful screen and processor would suggest, this is one of the best-looking and responsive smartphones I've used in 2014. I've used the Droid now for a week with the Moto X riding shotgun, and this thing just doesn't even hiccup. It hums right along with whatever application I'm using, even graphics-intensive games like Dead Trigger 2.

    Speaking of photography, the Turbo's camera is pretty decent. In normal lighting conditions, the Droid's 21 megapixels (16 megapixels when shooting in 16:9) aren't much different than the Moto X. Both pick up a great amount of detail, which we mentioned in our smartphone camera deathmatch earlier this year, and the color accuracy is also vivid and spot on. But compared to the Moto X, the Turbo shoots way better in low light. You can really see it when you look at the white brick wall in the picture below. Still, the Droid Turbo seems a little sluggish with the shutter, so getting perfect shots of fast-moving subjects could be a chore. There's also still no optical image stabilization to be found.

    Droid Turbo Review: Verizon's Superphone Is Brute Force Awesome
    11-07-2014 09:04 AM

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