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    I noticed that when watching videos the sound seemed "off. Upon further investigation I found that the audio out of the turbo is indeed delayed in comparison to other devices.

    When playing a netflix movie simultaneously on my Turbo and Galaxy S3, entire words would be said first on the S3, and then repeated on the Turbo, even though the video was visually synced.

    I loaded up a sound sync test youtube video (youtu.be /KWh9YLtbbws or search for "Lip Sync NTSC") and found that my Turbo was late by a couple black bars in producing the tone. My PC and Galaxy S3 produced the tone at the correct time. Oddly enough the ipad was slightly early in this audio sync test.

    Are other people experiencing similar issues with audio delay / sync on the Turbo? And yes, I've turned off the Turbo's audio effects.
    11-11-2014 09:52 PM

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