11-23-2016 09:08 AM
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    Just FYI, I took the LP update and was pleasantly surprised today while driving my car and listening to FM radio that alll of a sudden my car radio acted like I got a call from MYSELF then OVER MY CAR SPEAKERS told me that I had a text and if I wanted to hear it. I said Listen or whatever it told me to say and it read the text over the car speakers then asked if I wanted to reply. I said yes and spoke my text through my installed car stereo sun visor mic, it repeated it back to make sure it was correct then sent it and then my FM radio came back on! Excellent!

    With MacroDroid I should now be able to get other notifications to "activate" my car's bluetooth connection to the phone and read notifications over the car speakers. While I haven't verified it 100% yet, it appears the wants I spoke of above have happened in this new LP update. Very happy... now if only my camera would stop causing the phone to reboot I'll be good. LOL
    Help needed not very good at this....
    11-23-2016 09:08 AM
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