1. Jason Smith28's Avatar
    I just switched from an iPhone to a Droid Turbo, and ever since I switched to the Turbo, I have noticed that the Bluetooth volume for streaming audio from Spotify and Podcast Addict is low and maxes out at a low volume (i.e., no matter how high I crank the volume in car, it won't increase beyond a certain point). Any idea how to fix this?
    11-15-2014 10:59 AM
  2. mimsiesboy's Avatar
    Turn the device volume up. Had the same issue.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    11-15-2014 11:13 AM
  3. doogald's Avatar
    Yes, there is a special Bluetooth media volume that you can access only when media is playing over BT*. Just press the volume up key, you'll get a warning about volume levels damaging hearing, and then crank it up. The BT volume will remain until you restart the phone, when it will reduce the BT volume down to just below the warning level.

    * Well, there are apps you can get to change the BT volume, but not with the stock volume control
    11-15-2014 12:12 PM
  4. gr8rcfan's Avatar
    These reports are shameful for a company's FLAGSHIP. The volume should be OVERKILL! Not just adequate when standing on your head.
    12-08-2014 12:37 PM

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