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    So, as the title states, I am thinking of switching back to my S5. I have have the Turbo for almost 2 weeks now and other than the battery life, I don't think this phone is all that. My particular reason for returning is for the lack of cases available on the market for this phone. It seems as if Motorola released this phone to early without working with the various manufacturers to make cases, screen protectors and so forth. With regards to my S5, I run a Zagg Screen protector and a Seidio Cases/Holster combo and sometimes Ill switch to my Otterbox if the events I'm participating in warrant better protecting.

    I have noticed in the time that I have had the DT that you have to shut off a good amount of apps in order to achieve the battery life they report the device can provide. Even with doing that, I'm making only 30 or so hours of use, which don't get me wrong, is not bad at all. I was gaurenteed a full day with the S5.

    So, just wondering what everyone thought about possibly switching back. Just seems that the S5 offers more than the DT. Also, I know they DT has a faster processor and more RAM but I don't notice all that much difference.

    11-21-2014 11:46 AM
  2. MA2GA28's Avatar
    Thoughts are do what you want.
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    11-21-2014 11:53 AM
  3. doogald's Avatar
    Do it. Only you can decide which device is right for you. If your instincts tell you that the DT isn't worth it, then go back.

    The Droids will *never* has as many accessories as a phone like the Samsung Galaxy series, which sells *a lot* more, is available on all carriers, etc. If accessories are important to you, then make sure that you buy phones that are more generally available - the Galaxy and Note series; the HTC One series; iPhones, of course.
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    11-21-2014 11:54 AM
  4. hal1's Avatar
    With regards to my S5, I run a Zagg Screen protector and a Seidio Cases
    FWIW, I'm got a Speck grip on my Turbo and it's a perfect fit in the LG G3 Dilex holster from Seidio. And the Surface holster for the G3 will fit a Turbo in a TPU/silicone case.

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    11-21-2014 12:16 PM
  5. cyberr8der's Avatar
    To each their own as they say. If you like the S5 better you should go with that. I personally don't see the point in a screen protector right not as they will replace my device free if I break the screen. The shell on this thing is probably stronger than any case you'll get.
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    11-21-2014 12:40 PM
  6. mightyfacundo's Avatar
    Do it. Only you can decide which device is right for you. If your instincts tell you that the DT isn't worth it, then go back.
    Exactly. Nothing wrong with preferring one phone to another.

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    11-21-2014 02:48 PM
  7. drchimrichalds's Avatar
    Why did you leave the s5 in the first place? Maybe there is a 3rd alternative thats even better?
    11-21-2014 03:38 PM
  8. rader023's Avatar
    Thoughts are I havent had a case in 5 years. What is the case for anyway.
    11-21-2014 04:10 PM
  9. managuense's Avatar
    Cases are for people who bring their phones to places other than Starbucks. For me in particular, i need a case that will both survive the gym and over the bar crashes on my mountain bike. No good case = no buy phone.
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    11-21-2014 06:28 PM
  10. markymark's Avatar
    I was so looking forward to the Turbo as my next phone based on the pre-release specs. But they just blew it on so many levels, Not the least of which...why did they make the 32g and 64g different sizes? Do they not understand that different size phones require different size cases? I mean this is just common sense. Not to mention all the other issues like weak wifi, poor call volume, fraying nylon, extreme data usage, no voice & data, and on and on. I am a current RMHD owner and love it, but Moto and Verizon blew it on this one. HTC M9 here I come... :-)
    11-21-2014 07:48 PM
  11. nicholasdejohn's Avatar
    I made the switch back. Droid Turbo is up for sale. I seemed that Motorola came out with a "plain jane" phone in my opinion but put a huge battery, processor and a ton of ram in it.

    The S5 seems to be light years ahead but like one of the other board members said, to each is their own. All personal preference.

    Unfortunately, I can't post it for sale in here because I don't have enough posts yet.

    Thanks for everyone's input.

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    11-21-2014 08:05 PM
  12. leehardballer12's Avatar
    Idk.... I've had my DROID Turbo for a week, and have noticed no abnormal data usage as of yet. While I don't see myself getting 48hrs worth of battery, it lasts me more than a day with extensive screen time, which is more than I can say for the LG G3, abd 2 GS4's in my household. Battery life is similar to my last phone, BlackBerry Z30, which was excellent, imo.
    I use a case/ holster combo with my Turbo, and I also tried out an OtterBox, and two other cases. The very negligible difference in size between models (.02") has no effect on case fitting.
    I've also found zero issue with WiFi connection or call volume. The volume is not even maxed. I've also had no issues with the build quality on this phone. No fraying nylon on mine, and I'm not the easiest on my phones. But, I've only had mine a week.
    Overall, I've been very impressed with this device as a newcomer to the Android platform.

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    11-22-2014 12:55 AM
  13. anon(1733)'s Avatar
    No issues with mine either. Every case I have tried did just fine the size difference is a non issue.

    Personally I do not see the need for a 48 hour battery. As long as it gets me through a complete day and then some I'm fine. I charge my phone ever night any way.

    For my purposes I would rather have a phone that does not lag. Runs smooth. Has great battery life then a phone that lags and weaker battery life. I also have the note 4 and a S5. The turbo for me beats both. That's why I use the turbo exclusively now.

    But everyone has their own needs and preferences. Use what works best for you.
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    11-22-2014 06:11 AM
  14. markymark's Avatar
    Agreed, no phone is "perfect" and luckily there are lots of great phones to choose from including the Turbo. My point on the cases was, why not just make all the phones the same size and avoid the confusion? Even Verizon's website said in big bold letters on each case that they would not fit the BN version. Then people started buying them and most found that they did fit. So why not just make the phones the same size and avoid the confusion? Seems silly to me. As does the whole "ballistic nylon" thing in general. But that's just me. To each their own. :-)

    If you got a Turbo with none of the reported issues I'm sure it's a great phone. Specs wise there is no better phone out right now. I just saw enough red flags that I decided to pass and look around at other manufacturers and I was really impressed with the HTC M8. But since the M9 will be coming in a couple months I'm waiting for that. It's a great time for Android fans...lot of great choices.
    11-22-2014 11:07 AM
  15. graygr's Avatar
    My understanding of the size difference was to accommodate attaching the nylon to the back off the phone. Didn't like the idea of a cloth back so chose the other model. I don't see the need for 64G so the 32G option suits me fine.

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    11-22-2014 11:41 PM
  16. leehardballer12's Avatar
    I believe nylon is more like plastic than cloth, but I could be mistaken. And if I'm not mistaken, the 'BN' is Kevlar backed as well...Personally, I liked the look of it. (And maybe the marketing gimmick got me) The Glass Fiber back on the black model felt real nice to me too. Similar to the previous Droid phones and very similar to my Z30. The red one, while eye catching, seemed more hard and slick to me. I think the Turbo is not for everyone. There are several top notch choices for Android devices out now, imo. I think the 2014 Moto X and the LG G3 are outstanding devices as well and apparently very close performance-wise to the Turbo. For me, the rugged build without compromising on performance on the Turbo is what appealed to me. Hopefully, there is more to it than marketing. So far, so good....I've already had a couple of drops and a splash in water with no issues....

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    11-23-2014 01:40 AM

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