1. Chad Mullins's Avatar
    My phone wakes up once my hand gets to the top of the phone but doesn't seem to respond when I wave over the bottom of the phone.
    11-26-2014 10:46 PM
  2. rnd0209's Avatar
    Hi chad. There are two IR sensors on the bottom (one on each edge) and an IR sensor on the top right edge.

    If you go in a pitch black room and turn the display off (tap the power button not turn the phone off completely) you will notice them. Pretty neat stuff.

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    11-26-2014 11:26 PM
  3. jesta192's Avatar
    I have a feeling that the three "sensors" are actually iR emitters, just like a TV remote has. I think the actual sensor, or receiver, is near the speaker, but doesn't light up. That would explain why gestures are only noticed toward the top of the phone.
    11-27-2014 12:41 AM

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