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    This morning I took the phone off of my CHOE Stadium 3 coil Qi charger when my alarm went off. I was able to snooze my alarm twice. I didn't get woke up a third time. My phone was off. I pressed the power button but got a battery with an exclamation point inside of it. I tossed it on the Qi charger while I took a shower and came back to a 99% battery. About 3 hours later it said I had zero battery and turned itself off again. I plugged it in via USB to my work laptop and it powered right up. It reported 0 battery for about 20 minutes on that power source. The phone seemed to function fine while it was on the tether. I had it off for about 3 more hours before the same thing happened again. I left it in this state and took it to my local Verizon store where I was informed they could only order me a new phone. They could not replace it with a new unit. They also suggested I back up my data if possible and do a factory reset. The CSR did agree that she would want a brand new unit if she was in my shoes (what customer wouldn't?), and suggested I contact customer support directly.

    I came home and made this video real quick. It is about 8 minutes long. I explained some of the phone's behavior in this state. I also witnessed it for the first time increasing in battery from "dead" then 10% and increasing about 1% every 20-30 seconds. Once powered back on, the phone showed 43% and two minutes later displayed 37%.

    I'm currently pulling all of my personal data and will try a FDR.

    On a side note, this same phone displayed some very odd behavior this past weekend. I accidentally power cycled it. When it booted back up the time was 3 hours behind. 4G was connected and I could browse Facebook using the app. I could not however, open my websites in the browser. I could not send or receive text messages. I tried to access Google Play and was prompted that I needed to have mobile data enabled ("Press here to enable."). The setting for mobile data was on, but I was still prompted it wasn't. I posted a thread about that here and was educated that the SIM card is hidden behind the volume rocker. I pulled it while the phone was on, and replaced it. Time was still off and same behavior. I power cycled the phone again with no luck. I pulled the SIM again, power cycled, and upon reboot put SIM back in... no luck. I left the phone on and began driving. The moment I got far enough to change towers, the phone corrected itself and I haven't had an issue with connectivity since.

    I'll continue to post as I progress. I apologize for the length of the video as well as all of my "ums". Hopefully some of you auto enthusiasts got my turbo reference in the title.
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    12-03-2014 05:05 PM
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    Aside from not getting a new phone in exchange (which you can only get within the free return period with almost any carrier), I'd say she diagnosed the problem pretty well. If it's under replacement warranty, let Motorola eat the problem. (I never waste more than about 5 minutes on a phone that's under replacement warranty, unless I'm particularly curious about the problem.) You pay for a replacement warranty (it's part of the price), so let them replace it. The only time I'd waste is with Verizon to see if I could get a new phone (if it's less than - I believe with Verizon - 2 weeks old).
    12-03-2014 05:30 PM
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    I also witnessed it for the first time increasing in battery from "dead" then 10% and increasing about 1% every 20-30 seconds. Once powered back on, the phone showed 43% and two minutes later displayed 37%.
    I had the same problem, been seeing this on a few threads so seems like this might not be a random issue. I thought about asking for a replacement but they would just give me a refurb phone and chances are this problem would be there again. I'll deal with it for now and hope that the next software update fix the issue.
    12-04-2014 12:34 PM
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    This morning when I tool my Turbo off of the Qi charger (Verizon Branded Qi Charger that is recommended for the Turbo) the battery was at 100%. Now 7 hours later the battery still shows 100%. This is on the command center widget and the Gsam Battery monitor. I have rebooted the phone twice but it won't change. Anyone see this?
    12-04-2014 03:13 PM
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    My battery has been showing 100% for the last 24hrs and I placed it on the charger and it will not charge says it is at 100% also re-booted it twice.
    12-04-2014 03:28 PM
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    Maybe we all need to bring this to Verizon and Motorolla's attention. The phone is only a little over a month old and already has a fair amount reports with the exact same battery issue.
    12-04-2014 03:51 PM
  7. travaz's Avatar
    My battery has been showing 100% for the last 24hrs and I placed it on the charger and it will not charge says it is at 100% also re-booted it twice.
    Yes it wont charge because it thinks it is at 100%. I am going to Moto owners forums and see if they have any info. Will post here if I get any info
    12-04-2014 09:05 PM
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    There is a lot of discussion on the Moto owners forums about the problems with Qi charging. Many people are having the problem like me or like James Fontaine above. It really seems to be a problem with software and not Qi. If you are having are problem there are several solutions. Mostly turn off the phone and use the Turbo wall charger and let the battery charge overnight. There are other steps as well the link to the forum is:
    And this one:
    12-05-2014 10:06 AM
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    Oddly enough, I was using a Qi charger from day 1 and didn't start having problems UNTIL I used the Turbo Charger! After I used the Turbo Charger my phone was doing all kinds of weird stuff like staying at 100% for hours and hours or not charging fully even after being on the charger all night. It was recommended in the Battery Life thread to clear the cache. I did that this morning, used the Turbo Charger to charge the phone to 100% and now it seems to be acting better... for now.

    I'd try this cache clearing before a factory reset...

    12-05-2014 12:32 PM
  10. rct19's Avatar
    My turbo still showed 99% this morning so went I got to work I turned on Bluetooth and played music to blue tooth speaker for about an hour and the battery finally started going down it got to about 46% on the battery gauge and it totally quit / dead!! No warning at all !! I plug into my old Droid Maxx charger and it charged for about 10 minutes and showed 100% unplugged charger and the phone booted up but it went dead again, I called Verizon support and they had me do a factory reset same problem had the charger plugged in the whole time. The support person was able to see my battery gauge in so way and decide it was a bad battery so he is sending me a refurbished / new phone. After I got off the phone I left the phone plugged in for 3hrs and it seems to acting properly now. I also have been using Verizon Qi charger I am going to charge it with Turbo Charger this weekend and see how it does really don't want a refurbish phone. He was supposedly check with someone as I told him about what I had read about this issue I hope they come up with a fix I am not sure this is a hardware problem!!
    12-05-2014 04:06 PM

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