1. jerrykur's Avatar

    I just got a Droid Turbo and I think I may have to send it back. The voice quality on this phone is terrible. I have made several calls and each time I had a hard time understanding the person on the far side. These calls have been to landlines and mobile phones. I check the signal strength and it was indicating full strength. This is not a volume issue, but one of clarity.

    Are other people having issues with the vocal clarity of calls?

    12-12-2014 10:06 AM
  2. HappyFunBall24's Avatar
    I haven't personally experienced clarity issues and haven't really seen discussions on this alone.

    Maybe some suggestions from the volume discussions could help: disable audio effects, uncheck voice privacy, and be aware of ear positioning in regards to the earpiece speaker (off center to the right when viewing phone). Perhaps it could also help in your situation, if you haven't already experimented with them? Also, any changes for the better after the VoLTE update?
    12-12-2014 03:49 PM

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