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    Hi, I have set up my Razr Turbo to sync with an email exchange server and I have noticed that contacts from the server's global address book appear as suggestions when I begin to type in a name in the "To" box in the default Messaging app. These are contacts that are coming from the email server, I have never entered them into my phone and there are thousands of them.

    I have configured the email account to only sync "Email" in both the phone settings and in the email account specific settings (Calendar, Contacts etc are all unchecked, only Email is checked).

    Interestingly these contacts only appear in the "Messaging" app, they do not appear in "Contacts" (even when I change the "Contacts to display" option to the exchange email account) or in the default phone app.

    The only way I have been able to disable these contacts from appearing is to turn off WiFi and then check "Restrict background data" under Data usage for this particular account. I have tried restarting phone, deleting and recreating the account, wiping my phone's cache partition none of these had any effect.

    Is there any other way to prevent these extra contacts (which are not in my phone's contact list) from appearing?
    12-27-2014 08:59 PM

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