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    If I understand correctly this offer of one dollar is only good thru the 31st. Is this legit? How can they do this?

    My biggest concern would the the 32 gb storage, but my current phone (HTC Rezound) has 16 gb on board and a32 gb card and I've only filled a small fraction of the total available. Still I usually go for as much storage as I can get. With a faster processor, bigger screen etc. am I going to want more storage or is 32 gb manageable? I know I'm just rambling on here, but I'll bet someone else has gone through this process.

    Oh one last question - would the storage amount in any way affect the battery life? thanx
    12-29-2014 06:06 PM
  2. gadgetgeek703's Avatar
    I just wanted to offer my two cents on this because I agonized over this very same decision. I can't believe it took this long for news of this deal to surface on this forum. I was very tempted to use the "Best Buy method" to retain my UDP but in the end it was the 64 GB capacity that won me over. I came from a Droid Maxx that I have had for about 13 months. I was checking the memory used and available on my Maxx before making the leap and discovered that I had only a little less that 6 GB of memory remaining, out of 32. It was a little surprising since I don't take a lot of pictures or download a ton of apps. Sure, I could have done a little housekeeping and brought it back in line, but I had the "itch" if you know what I mean. My son was due an upgrade after two years of taking surprisingly good care of an iPhone 4 so I made the decision to Edge up for both of us. After only a few days with the Turbo, I can say that the improvements are incremental, but some increments are larger than some others have given it credit for. One thing to keep in my when considering memory space is that the MP count is higher, so wouldn't that make the file size larger of the pictures and videos larger, using more memory faster? Good luck on whichever choice you make. I think the BB price is a screaming deal and only time will tell if I have made the wrong choice. So far, though, I am loving my Turbo.
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    12-29-2014 07:12 PM
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    If I understand correctly this offer of one dollar is only good thru the 31st. Is this legit? How can they do this?
    Looks legit to me. You have to sign a 2 year contract with Verizon.

    As to the 32 GB storage, it sounds like it would be enough for you. Each photo will be about 4 MB, something to consider. If you shoot a lot of video that would eat storage space. But, c'mon, a dollar for a new Droid Turbo? I think I'd go for the dollar deal and cull photos if I were running low on space.

    Storage space does not affect battery life.

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    12-29-2014 08:33 PM
  4. Stickboy46#CB's Avatar
    If I understand correctly this offer of one dollar is only good thru the 31st. Is this legit? How can they do this?
    In response to the bolded part. Best Buy is nearly ALWAYS cheaper than going directly to the carrier. Its the exact same plan and contract. Best Buy gets kick back from the carrier for selling contracts or EDGE/NEXT/EasyPay so they can sell the phone at a discount. They also buy a large amount of inventory direct from the manufacturer so their pricing might actually be cheaper than the carrier pays. (Think about how many Best Buy Stores are out there, then remember they sell 3 different carriers, and alot of the manufacturers make more than just phones. For instance Samsung, think about how many Samsung products are in a single best buy. I'd bet their volume pricing with Samsung is lower than Verizons)
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    12-30-2014 10:06 AM
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    (1st post)

    I took the best buy deal as a new customer porting over from AT&T. My wife was off her 2 year contract and was looking for a new iphone but the AT&T pricing we got wasn't attractive. I had an HTC M7 and was looking into the Turbo so they let us know about the deal.

    So we got the an Iphone 6 and Turbo on edge plans as the 1$ deal wouldn't make a difference in price monthly. We also walked out with a $300 gift card from Best Buy for switching over. (150 per line, hello new TV for the bedroom LOL)

    Im totaly satisfied. My first Android phone was a Motorola Atrix2 so I instantly remembered how tank like thier phones are. Also I gotta hand it to Verizon as their signal is just piercing with nonstop bar action.
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    12-30-2014 10:30 AM
  6. JohnS305's Avatar
    I took the deal, got a brand new Turbo for $1. I was seven days away from my upgrade date, walked in and twenty minutes later walked out with my new phone. I got my Razr M there two years ago with no problems. I was going to go with the 64g for the extra fifty bucks but 32 should be fine for me, and again $1.00 for a Turbo. I couldn't pass it up. I went with the black Kevlar since I'm going to put a case on it anyway. So far I love it.
    12-31-2014 11:02 AM

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