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    Of course, I had to suffer through a couple hours on tech support with Verizon and Chase before getting to this one step, but I might as well give you the conclusion to that discussion.

    To give you background, I have been using Softcard/Isis on my Droid Razr Maxx HD for about a year and a half without issue. But when I tried to log in to Softcard on my new Droid Turbo, it threw up an error (11081) that it could not log me in. I've seen it references in a few other threads here too, so it looks like I'm not the first one with this problem I was, however, able to log into the softcard web portal, saying that "Your Softcard™ is Currently Not Available." All the errors say to call up Verizon tech support, so I did.

    Of course they first give me a low-level customer support person who is only vaguely familiar with the program, so after stuggling to explain it to them for 10 minutes, they transfer me to the real tech support issue. I explain to them whats going on, and explain to them that this really sounds like an account lock type issue. But instead they have me restart the phone, connect/disconnect from wifi, check for softcard updates, force close and clear the softcard cache, over and over. Finally, they say they would transfer me to Chase Mobile Pay support. Before I hang up with verizon, I ask if there is actually a Softcard tech support and not just Chase or Verizon. They say, no, I need to speak with Chase. I was skeptical, but agreed to be transferred.

    I then spoke to Chase CS (again low level before they transfer me to an actual technical support person). They, of course, can't do anything about the softcard account either. They can activate and deactivate specific credit cards on the account, but nothing on the Softcard side of things.

    I was ready to give up, though I did one last search using the word "unlock" softcard acount. I found a verizon forum where some random person mentions a phone number that gets you directly to Softcard tech support- no middleman. Interestingly, when I search for the phone number on the internet in general, it seems to be a very rarely referenced phone number.

    I called up Softcard, and they fixed my problem in one minute by reactivating my line for the new phone.

    So, in one easy step, this is how to fix your softcard problems:
    CALL SOFTCARD SUPPORT: 1-855-273-9150
    01-18-2015 09:26 AM

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