1. jfrancis214's Avatar
    I am curious what apps are safe to disable on the droid turbo.

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    02-21-2015 08:43 AM
  2. UnlockedOnly's Avatar
    Anything Verizon, amazon, slacker, google news books google+ are all safe to disable. I choose to leave alone anything Motorola and important google stuff.

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    02-21-2015 09:23 AM
  3. dungoyle's Avatar
    I know we have a comprehensive list in one of our existing threads, although I'm not sure if it's in a single post. Sure would be nice to have it all in one post and sticky-fied?
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    02-21-2015 11:15 AM
  4. 88horizon5speed's Avatar

    If you click on this link it will bring you to that thread
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    02-21-2015 03:26 PM
  5. KA1OTE's Avatar

    One of the first threads here that I subscribed to.
    02-21-2015 04:23 PM

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