1. lithoman23's Avatar
    I was in a Hotel in Indianapolis this week. Every night my Turbo would switch to Greenland time zone. I tried setting back on eastern time and 5 mins later I'm back in Greenland.. I wake up in the morning its eastern time.. back to Greenland at night. I just left that city an am back in Nashville, will see if its fine here and post back..

    02-26-2015 04:27 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Since that's set by the tower you're connected to, I'd say it was a glitch - on the tower near the hotel. You might want to notify your carrier, so they can get their people in Indianapolis to fix their tower.
    02-26-2015 04:33 PM
  3. lithoman23's Avatar
    No issue in Nashville..
    02-27-2015 04:05 PM

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