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    Attached is an up to date excel sheet of my battery stats analysis. note on the first page "data" I have added in all the way to the right of the data, a total charge cycle counter and total time and how many charges per month and year I am averaging. page 2 "averages" is a page with all the same data points ans page 1 but it is grouped by month and each month is averaged. then page 3, "month averages" has only the monthly averages calculated on the previous page. then this data is graphed on the "2014 monthly averages" or 2015 pages, then I have year averages and the year graphs.

    If someone could help me out with the graphs, I am having an annoying trouble finding out how to get the bar for the second axis to sit next to the primary axises bars, instead it is overlapping. I have it explained on the "2014 monthly graphs" page. Thank you I appreciate it if someone could help
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    04-17-2015 08:47 AM

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