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    so for a couple months now my phones lock button will not work sometimes. but now i was on my phone and i went to lock and it froze, soon after it glitched and shut off. I tired to hard reset it and when ever the menu comes up it wont let me do anything but start it and it will sit on the booting screen for hours and do nothing. If i try to restart it it wont give me the menu. I tried to go into the factory settings and it glitched again then rebooted. After about 20 min my phone turned back on but there was a thing saying "commserver" and it let me use my phone but i had no service. And after about 30 min it turned off again. when i tried to turn it back on it went back to the boot screen for ever. finally it came on and everything was back but it was slow, lagged, froze, and if i push the lock button it freaks out and shuts off. a few people have told me the inside may be fried because when i charge it it over heats sometimes, every android ive had has done this and they all have broken like this. Is it possible to fix my phone or do i have to get a replacement?
    05-16-2015 07:11 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central.

    What is the condition of the battery?

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    05-16-2015 08:03 AM

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