1. rob913's Avatar
    Hi. I want lock the screen or power off the phone by using a voice command if my friends grab the phone out of my hand to read what I am texting.

    I want to be able to say "Hey Droid Turbo, lock the screen" or something similar. I tried the "Goodnight" command but the screen still stays on even though I have it set to be off while sleeping.

    Any ideas how to achieve my goal?
    05-25-2015 04:24 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Tasker would do it. Using the Tasker App Factory you could make an app to lock the screen (a one line task). Then tell the phone to run that app. Name it something like Frabit. Then when someone grabs your phone, say "Hey Droid Turbo Grabit" and it'll run the app and the app will lock your screen. (Tasker is $3, but considering what you can do with it once you get familiar with it, it comes out to a lot less than a penny a task.) My phone locks the screen,turns on mobile data and turns off USB debugging when I leave home and reverses everything when I get home (so I don't even have to swipe when I turn the screen on). And that's just one task. We have a Tasker section here, for people to post Tasker scripts or ask for help in writing them.
    05-25-2015 04:48 PM
  3. Xy_zy_x2_M's Avatar
    Could you give me the link to that thread? It wont let me click it
    09-27-2017 05:52 PM

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