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    Just started today. At home I use the NE.When I'm out and about, I turn on AC with no problems. Well, today was a problem. Could not make or receive any phone calls with AC on. Seems the phone was not acknowledging the AC. As when I tried to make a call it would beep and disconnect. I know I wasn't receiving as my friend text me and asked why I don't answer phone. So, I get home hook back up to NE and all is fine. 4G LTE @ -92 1X @ -54 (dBm). So I unplug NE and try the AC again. Nope, I get 2 things. 1. it beeps and disconnects 2. or it goes to 1X, which is bad with NE, and disconnects. Told Verizon I need this phone when I'm out (disabled, copd) for emergencies. All the rep could do is trouble ticket. Any ideas? Without NE 1X is -120 dBm and 4G is @ -92 to -96.
    06-04-2015 02:00 PM
  2. tvouge's Avatar
    By NE you mean network extender, and by AC you mean advanced calling, right?

    If so, from the Verizon website;

    "If you're in an area with a weak 4G LTE signal, you may want to consider temporarilyturning off the*VoLTE Call*setting on your phone*to avoid dropped calls.

    Note: Remember to turn it back on when you're in a strong 4G LTE coverage area to take advantage of HD Voice and Video Calling."

    So, considering you health issues, I would turn off advanced calling and not even bother with it honestly. I'd rather have regular sounding phone calls that I know won't get dropped than fantastic sounding phone calls that do.

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    06-04-2015 02:38 PM
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    That's happened to me a few times with the Droid Maxx. Restarting the phone is the only thing that solves it, though you could try switching airplane mode on and off to see if that helps.

    It's happened only once or twice in the last two months so it's not a frequent thing. It seems to happen when I drive thorough somewhere with no signal, but, again, not every time.
    06-04-2015 02:59 PM
  4. vzwuser76's Avatar
    There is also an issue with AC and Network Extenders not playing well with each other. Anytime I made a call, a second ghost call was made for the same duration to a place in Texas. It ended up running up my bill. We found Tue cause of the issue and they credited my account, and they said an update was supposed to go out to fix the issue, however, I've never seen it yet so I don't know if it has been solved. And this won't be an issue if you're on a plan with unlimited minutes, on those on an older plan with limited minutes/unlimited data.
    06-04-2015 03:10 PM
  5. psf57's Avatar
    Yeah, ya can't use Advanced calling with Network Extender. I had the AC on in a great 4G LTE area. It just wasn't connecting. The calls wouldn't drop, heck they wouldn't even connect. I'd dial the number and hear beep and it disconnects. Several times though, it would drop to 1X, even in a great area of 4G LTE, then it would also disconnect. Think something screwy with phone. I did turn it off, back on, was able to make 1 call before it started again.
    06-04-2015 04:17 PM
  6. mobrules's Avatar
    This is why I never turned on AC. Too important to be able to get calls. I live in an are where I switch between towers. Its a pain.
    06-04-2015 04:41 PM
  7. doogald's Avatar
    I know you tried already, and that's why Verizon sent you the extender, but maybe now it's time to insist on a warranty replacement.

    I agree with the assessment about VoLTE, though. Unless you desperately need voice and data at the same time, I'd just use normal calling if voice is a critical function for you, at least until Verizon solves some more of these VoLTE problems.
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    06-04-2015 04:53 PM
  8. psf57's Avatar
    Yeah, agree with all. When I had the Samsung phones, never a problem. Thinking of adding another line just to go back to Samsung
    06-04-2015 05:01 PM
  9. doogald's Avatar
    Yeah, agree with all. When I had the Samsung phones, never a problem. Thinking of adding another line just to go back to Samsung
    Another thing you can do: If you have a More Everything plan, add a WiFi hotspot to your line for $20 a month, and use it to get data when you are on the road and don't bother with VoLTE. That should be cheaper than the $40/month for another phone.
    06-04-2015 05:33 PM
  10. psf57's Avatar
    I have the Single mobile phone plan with Edge. 45 for plan and 22.92 for phone.
    06-04-2015 05:36 PM

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