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    Hey guys!

    Computerfreek274 from XDA has maintained a pretty awesome KitKat System Image for the Droid Turbo which was made flashable via MOFO. He'd like to do the same for Lollipop, but needs someone who took the actual OTA (not the Soak Test) to export a system image for him from which to work. Most people side-loaded the Soak Test OTA files in order to update, but he's looking for someone who has the honest-to-goodness OTA update (just in case).

    You can make a system image for him by doing the following:

    1. Enable Developer Options and USB Debugging on the phone.
    2. Install minimal adb and fastboot from a thread entitled "[TOOL]Minimal ADB and Fastboot [6-26-15]" on XDA (I don't have the ability to post links, apparently).
    3. Start the minimal adb and fastboot shortcut.
    4. Plug your phone in to the computer.
    5. Type "adb start-server".
    6. Confirm the prompt on your phone to allow adb debugging.
    7. Type "adb devices". This will make sure that your device is connected.
    8. Type "adb pull /system <location on your computer>". For example, if I wanted to copy /system to C:\system, I would type "adb pull /system C:\system".
    9. Use your favorite cloud service to send a link to computerfreek, myself, or in reply to this thread.

    NOTE: This doesn't pull any of your personal data, just the OTA system image.
    NOTE 2: He'll probably settle for a Soak Test or manual OTA system image as well, but a natural OTA is preferred.
    07-01-2015 06:31 PM

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