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    I've encountered the dreaded "Unfortunately, System UI has stopped" pop up which renders your phone useless. It came about by accidentally brushing over "Force RTL layout direction" in Dev Options which has a bug in Lollipop. I didn't get a chance to enable "USB Debugging" So I can't access the internal storage.

    I was thinking if I could reinstall Lollipop (I already downloaded the OTA ROM) and updated it again through ADB it would reset the Dev Options and fix the issue.


    I only care about a month of timesheet info from the Timesheet app. If I could get that info I would be ok to do a Factory Reset.

    Anyone advanced enough to come up with a real solution here?
    07-08-2015 06:50 PM
  2. deesugar's Avatar
    Well I got this far with no help. Anyone have any ideas?

    Anyway to Update to Lollipop through ADB?-adbcommand.jpg
    Anyway to Update to Lollipop through ADB?-droidturbosideloaderror7.jpg
    07-08-2015 10:45 PM
  3. mrtonk's Avatar
    Factory reset in recovery.

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    07-08-2015 11:18 PM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    I'd Google House of Moto, which will optionally let you flash without overwriting data, but you'd need the fxz of the lollipop update and it's entirely possible that the developer options setting is in the data partition so not overwriting data will not help you.

    It's possible that factory data reset is your only option. And never turn on an option in developer options unless you're a developer or absolutely know what you're doing.
    07-09-2015 05:43 AM
  5. deesugar's Avatar
    House of Moto is interesting.
    Here is the information about that:

    [GUIDE] House of Moto | Motorola Droid Ultra | XDA Forums
    07-14-2015 06:25 PM

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