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    I'm coming from a MotoX and I want the notification sounds from that device. Can these be downloaded?

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    07-08-2015 10:16 PM
  2. Einsteindks's Avatar
    They can be copied from the system folder, then put in a folder labeled media of your new phone...I think.
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    07-08-2015 10:21 PM
  3. russel5150's Avatar
    They should be on zedge, if you havent used it before its great for finding sounds from other phones, even the old ones.

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    07-08-2015 10:24 PM
  4. AMTrombley0924's Avatar
    What I've done is google search "insert desired phone" system dump. Usually when a new phone comes out, devs or the community in general will pull the stock wallpapers and sounds and publish them for people like you. I have a few like the M8 and Nexus devices

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    07-09-2015 06:39 PM

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