1. jimcapraro's Avatar
    Both devices updated to latest OS Lollipop 5.1 on Turbo and 5.1.1 on Moto 360.

    Making phone calls using hand set, everything seems fine. Then two about 10 seconds into the call I notice that I can't hear anything in the Turbo handset earpiece. When I look at the setting on the phone screen I notice that the connection has switched from "handset" to bluetooth. The only bluetooth device that is connected is the Moto 360. When I switch it back to "handset" or "speaker" it works fine again. And when I switch back, the person on the other end of the call says: "Now I can hear you much better again, for a time you were very soft/far away" -- I'm assuming that is because they are hearing my voice picked up by my watch's microphone and not my droid turbo.

    Any thoughts on how to stop this from happening?
    07-17-2015 10:54 AM
  2. VZWsucks's Avatar
    It's been my experience that when connected to Bluetooth the mics on the turbo is disabled and the mic of the Bluetooth source is used.

    In comparison, when I have my ear buds (without microphone) plugged in, the mics on the turbo is enabled and used as the microphone.

    Sent from my DROID Turbo64 via Tapatalk
    07-17-2015 09:21 PM
  3. vzwuser76's Avatar
    I would agree that that would be the case for most of the time, but during a call, the operation should fall back to the handset, unless the watch has call capability, which the Moto 360 doesn't. Otherwise you'd be holding the phone to your ear and speaking into your watch. If that's not a ridiculous image I don't know what is.
    07-18-2015 12:38 AM
  4. Coop61's Avatar
    I don't have a 360. But I would think you can go into the bluetooth settings and set them so that it won't try to use it as the mic and speaker.

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    07-19-2015 12:40 PM

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