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    I currently have a sony z3v and although I like the phone the fact that I can't use voice and data is driving me crazy. I do need it for work. They have been saying that lollipop is coming out for it but I have lost faith. Anyway I have always been interested in the turbo and the reason I went with the sony in the 1st place was the camera, but I heard Motorola stepped up the camera with the update. So questions are:

    How is the turbo camera compared to the Sony z3v?
    Is the battery as good as advertised?
    How is call volume and clarity?
    Does it have a text to speech feature and if so how is it?

    Any other feedback (especially from anyone who has had both) is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
    07-17-2015 10:49 PM
  2. PowrDroid's Avatar
    I've not owned the Z3v but it was on my short list when I was shopping phones. It's supposed to get 5.1.1 this month.

    The Turbo has the better battery, but surprisingly not by much.


    The Z3v has the better camera, but not by much. Both phones use the same Sony built sensor, difference is Sony's software for post-processing is better and and it's got a slightly faster "shutter." The Turbo's software update helped fix the shutter speed problem and added an exposure control, both were welcome fixes. IIRC, neither phone has optical image stabilization, a terrible omission.

    My Turbo's sound quality is loud and clear. I use it on speaker phone almost all the time and I have volume set at about 75%. It's plenty loud. Unlike the Z3v, it does not have stereo speakers.

    The Advanced Calling feature with HD sound is especially clear. When speaking to another person with a phone that is also on Advanced Calling the clarity is spooky clear - - like the person is in the room.

    Voice to text is a built-in Google feature. Moto uses Moto Voice software which builds on Google. I've noticed a huge difference in response time since Lollipop. It's excellent.

    Text to speech? If you mean will the Turbo read text messages you receive aloud, then yes.
    07-18-2015 09:49 AM
  3. TomAd9's Avatar
    Sounds good, thanks for reply. I heard the Sony z3v update was to be delayed again. If it is not out by months end I guess I will switch.
    07-18-2015 11:10 AM

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