1. dbrii's Avatar
    Like most other Turbo users I upgraded to Lollipop, and I've generally been pleased with the results. However, at least twice since I updated I've had a significant battery drain overnight, and both times when I checked GSam to find the culprit it was EAB Application.

    Anyone else have this experience? Anyone have an idea how to mitigate this?
    07-21-2015 08:32 AM
  2. doogald's Avatar
    Do you have an exchange account set up to sync? I believe eab is exchange address book.
    07-21-2015 11:09 AM
  3. dbrii's Avatar
    No, just a Gmail and pop3.
    07-21-2015 02:32 PM
  4. doogald's Avatar
    How about advanced calling? I seem to recall something about how eab is used for syncing address book info (ie, who has video calling enabled) when you are using volte.

    (I do know that eab has something to do with contacts...)
    07-21-2015 02:51 PM
  5. dbrii's Avatar
    Yes, I do have advanced calling turned on, though the EAB battery drain has only happened twice that I've noticed, and I've had the advanced calling turned on for quite awhile. I do not check GSam every day, but often enough that I know that the EAB application is only a problem very intermittently.

    I can't recall what the percentage was on GSam this morning when I noticed the exceptional battery drain overnight (incidentally, I also checked the stock battery meter and EAB was listed high there, too), but it was in the teens percentage-wise. After turning off the phone to restart it eight hours ago and just checking GSam right now, the EAB application is listed as 0.0% in GSam.

    The only contacts I have set to sync on my phone are via Google which is the way I've always had the phone setup.

    Since it has only happened twice it isn't the end of the world, though I'd obviously prefer to resolve it than let it continue to crop up every so often to drain the battery.
    07-21-2015 04:43 PM
  6. doogald's Avatar
    The issue with advanced calling is that Verizon updates your contacts to show who can do video calling. Not necessarily sync in the traditional,backing up sense but updating your contacts to show that feature. For some reason I think the eab process has something to do with that. (I could be remembering that wrong though.)
    07-21-2015 11:12 PM
  7. JJ Jones's Avatar
    How about advanced calling? I seem to recall something about how eab is used for syncing address book info (ie, who has video calling enabled) when you are using volte.

    (I do know that eab has something to do with contacts...)
    I'd go with this one. I turned AC off due to poor coverage and oddly enough, EAB doesn't appear in battery stats at all today.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    07-22-2015 12:57 AM
  8. dbrii's Avatar
    I'd go with this one. I turned AC off due to poor coverage and oddly enough, EAB doesn't appear in battery stats at all today.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    Without making any changes to my settings (AC still turned on), it has been over 24 hours and EAB is still sitting at 0.0% in GSam. If doogald is right and this is a sync issue with AC and Verizon, it appears this sync doesn't take place daily. Guess I'll keep an eye on it for the next few days to see where things go.
    07-22-2015 09:24 AM
  9. CEW2's Avatar
    I'm kind of reopening an old issue, but one that definitely still exists. What doogald said seems to make sense. My Verizon Droid Turbo's battery life has gotten horrible... at times... most times for me. If what he said is accurate, that (one of the things?) the EAB Application does is update contacts on your phone for who has Verizon's advance calling (or whatever it might be), it makes a lot of sense why it is absolutely sucking my battery life most of the time. I have nearly 5,000 contacts in Exchange and therefore on my phone as I am a big networker and have gotten to know a lot of people over the years. My guess is that Verizon is updating contacts on people's phones with whom (specific numbers in contact cards) they can use Advance Calling with. Maybe they have this set to update once a month, just guessing. For most people this would be no big deal. Their 100-300 contacts on their phone that each have an average of 1.5 phone numbers wouldn't take long to update. It chews up the battery for a number of hours one day/month (or weekly or whatever), and then it's done until the next time. However, for me I have to believe that if I have 5,000 contacts, each which I am guessing has 2-3 phone numbers each (cell, business, fax, home sometimes), that would take a LOT longer to verify each phone number with Verizon and back to the phone.

    I can tell when the EAB Application is very active, as the battery sometimes will last for only 4-6 hours! The phone is hot to the touch. And everything on the phone runs slowly. For me, this happens perhaps even 50% of the time/days, or more! When it isn't (very) active, it is like a completely different phone! The battery lasts for a full day, it runs fast, and is cool to the touch. I am going to try turning off Advanced Calling and see what happens.
    05-02-2016 12:20 PM
  10. doogald's Avatar
    I'd be interested to see if turning off advanced calling makes a difference for you. EAB may mean "exchange address books" but it also could be "extended address books", which would explain its use with advanced calling.
    05-02-2016 12:26 PM
  11. CEW2's Avatar
    Settings/Advanced Calling. Under that are two options that can be turned on/off independently - HD Voice and also Video Calling. I just used the slider and turned "Advanced Calling" off altogether (turns off both HD Voice & Video Calling). I pretty much never use Video Calling, and HD Voice is nice, but it doesn't make a difference when I'm using a Bluetooth headset, which is most of the time. I'm just hoping that it doesn't turn off my ability to use data while on the phone on 4GLTE. We'll see what happens over the coming hours and maybe days before I post again.
    05-02-2016 01:12 PM
  12. doogald's Avatar
    I'm just hoping that it doesn't turn off my ability to use data while on the phone on 4GLTE.
    It does, unfortunately. If you really need it, you can turn on Advanced Calling when you know you need voice and data, or, if you have a shared data plan, you can add something like a MiFi hotspot to your plan for $10 a month using the same data plan, because the phone can do voice and data over WiFi.
    05-02-2016 05:55 PM
  13. CEW2's Avatar
    I figured that Advanced Calling was what was needed to be able to use the Internet while talking on the phone. When I first purchased my Droid Turbo, you couldn't talk and surf at the same time as it only has one radio (besides WiFi and Bluetooth) in it for both data and voice. Once Advanced Calling was implemented around 6 months later, allowing the voice to be carried over IP (VoIP or VoLTE), then essentially that's all you are doing when you are talking on the phone - "surfing"/sending your voice via packets over the Internet just like you would send an email or surf a web page. Anyhow... If this works, then I'll just have to turn it back on when I want to surf while talking. Update on that on the next post...
    05-03-2016 11:52 AM
  14. CEW2's Avatar
    After almost a day now of having Advanced Calling turned off, the battery held up MUCH better yesterday afternoon and evening. I unplugged it at 100% around noon yesterday, and it lasted until the wee hours of the morning last night - over 12 hours. Recently I've been getting around 6-8 hours given the "overheating", overworked processor, with the EAB Application running WAY too much. Now, using "GSam Battery Monitor", the EAB Application is listed at 0.0%, compared to 12-20%+ often in recent times. So, it seems that the EAB Application was mainly running because of Advanced Calling being turned on, probably doing what I stated in my first post above. My wife, who has the same phone and same Exchange server for email (but about 10% of the # of contacts), wasn't having nearly the battery life problem that I was having. However, both of us still have drastically lower battery life than when we first purchased our phones 1.5 years ago. Back then Motorola advertised 48 hours of battery life! Of course those types of claims are usually a bit of a stretch. However, we could almost always go more than 24 hours. Now given the Android OS upgrades, app upgrades, and the normal degradation of a rechargeable battery, it looks like we won't get more than 12-15 hours even without Advanced Calling turned on. I'm thinking of rooting the phone to give me more control over what is running, while also going with Android 6 (Marshmallow), which Motorola promised for the Droid Turbo, and even still is, but I highly doubt will happen now after so many delays by Verizon.
    05-03-2016 12:06 PM
  15. CEW2's Avatar
    Well, it looks like turning off Advance Calling did significantly help the battery life on my phone. The battery life went from around 6-8 hours each day to around 10-12 hours. As I stated above, my guess is that the EAB Application is going through contacts on the phone and updating each phone number as to whether it has HD Voice/Video or not. When you have as many contacts as I do, that could take a long time. And if Verizon is having that process run once a day or even once a week, that could take a lot of processing power often. I wish my battery life was better, but part of the problem could be the fact that I am more of a superuser and utilize a lot of apps that are running often. Anyhow, that's the results and my belief.
    05-04-2016 10:49 PM
  16. doogald's Avatar
    I wish that there was a way to do a quick-toggle of advanced calling, like a homescreen widget or - better - a voice control command. That way you could turn it on when you need it and leave it off most of the time.
    05-05-2016 11:00 AM
  17. CEW2's Avatar
    Yes, those would be nice. However, it would be better if Motorola, Google, or Verizon (probably Verizon) would make the necessary change. However, it's probably not affecting enough people to get their attention.
    05-05-2016 01:44 PM
  18. mlbaumgartner's Avatar
    I am having exactly the same issue. I also have close to 5,000 contacts (4,800). Periodically (recently), my Motorola Droid Maxx is extremely hot to touch, battery life is short, and Phone and EAB Application shows up in the battery settings as being primary drainers. I have another identical Motorola Droid Maxx that does not have Advanced Calling set up on it, and it doesn't suffer from this issue. Verizon-- please help!
    05-12-2016 04:03 PM
  19. CEW2's Avatar
    After applying the Verizon OTA update last night, and figuring that the update may have helped with the problem that we've been talking about, I turned on my Advanced Calling again, and my battery lasted about 12 hours today WITH it turned on, which is about double or more than what it was doing in recent times. I had no problem with overheating, no processor being overused, no slow phone, no EAB app sucking the processor. However, that didn't always happen before. So, I will keep Advanced Calling turned on for now to see how things go, and hope for the best!
    05-18-2016 11:28 PM

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