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    Well, you might have seen my other thread blaming the DS File app for causing my Droid Turbo to freeze on the Emergency Call screen. I tried a third time to access my Synology NAS from my Turbo, but first I had to set up the VPN (under "MORE" in Settings) one more time. (I was using 4G not wifi, if it matters) I had to set the phone down for a few minutes and when I came back and woke it up, The emergency call screen was back and no other screen would come up. I could power it down and back on, but that was it.

    Sooooo, I did a FOURTH factory reset. This time I did not even let it install DS File when I was setting the phone back up. The first thing I did when the phone was ready to go was to go to Settings, More, and set up the VPN one more time. I let the phone go to sleep, woke it up and, sure enough the phone was frozen on the Emergency Call screen!Can anyone verify this with their own phone? (Be prepared to factory reset. Maybe if you're going to do one anyway you can try it?)
    Has anyone set up VPN on their Turbo?

    Comments? Suggestions?


    Tim (off to do a FIFTH reset...)
    08-28-2015 08:18 PM

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