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    So I have been on Android 5.1 for sometime now with random Reboots here and there every few days but nothing bad.

    Today however my phone literally Reboots every few minutes and I can't figure out why. I didn't install or upload any thing over the past few days so its random this is now happening.

    I checked if any erroneous apps where running but nothing of significance that would cause this.

    Any suggestions or can i view crash reports to see what the issue is? Do I need a new phone?

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    08-30-2015 01:00 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Try wiping the cache partition: https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,9277

    If that doesn't help, try booting into Safe Mode, to see if the problem is due to a 3rd party app: https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,9277

    "What does that mean, huh? 'China is here'? I don't even know what the hell that means." --Jack Burton
    08-30-2015 03:18 AM
  3. doogald's Avatar
    If cache wipe or safe mode don't help, I'd suggest backing up photos and videos and doing a factory data reset and reinstall everything.
    08-30-2015 07:20 AM
  4. ffactoryxx's Avatar

    Maybe this variable could be part of the problem but I wouldn't know why....
    Yesterday I turned off mobile data for the day and only kept WiFi on as i was close to data limit until the cycle ends today.

    In addition I just woke up this morning to no sim card detected.

    Something fishy going on.

    I will try both suggestions as well. Could it be a hardware problem? Luckily I'm still under 1st yr warranty

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    08-30-2015 08:41 AM
  5. doogald's Avatar
    It could be a hardware problem, yes, but you can rule it out for sure if the phone is fine after a wipe of the cache partition and a factory data reset, if that doesn't help.

    You can also try taking the sim out and putting it back in, but only do that with the phone powered off.
    08-30-2015 10:19 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It shouldn't be telling you that it couldn't detect the SIM. Try removing the SIM, make sure all of the contacts are clean, and reinsert.
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    08-30-2015 06:24 PM

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