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    I've had my Turbo since November & a few things really bother me lately. First it doesn't automatically add an email address when you respond to a message, every other Android phone I've had automatically adds it, I can't see it in any of settings in the native app. It's a royal pain since I have all my email accounts on the phone & use it for business as well as personal use. The Gmail app automatically adds them though but that doesn't carry over to the native app that I receive my work email on.

    Second, I can't accept Vcal/ICS meeting requests, I was able too on my Galaxy but not on the Turbo. Most business use the Vcal to schedule webinar's & I always have to accept them on my Ipad so it transfers to my Google calendar on the phone when it sync's daily.

    Third, the camera is absolutely horrible in low light situations or specifically when I am at a concert & try to take pics. The bright stage lights come out but the performers are blurry, yuck.

    Fourth, I don't find the reception to be as good as everyone claims it to be with Motorolla products, I have little to none at home & frequently drop calls with one or two bars showing, about the same performance I've had with other non Motorolla phones.

    Finally since 5.1 I frequently can't be heard on phone calls when connected to my 2013 Dodge Ram through Uconnect bluetooth. Since Lollipop I can make a call on BT hearing the other person fine but they can't hear me intermitantly.

    Another little issue is that for the past two weeks or so using the VZ message app I can't respond to a message until I back out of the program then open it back up, if I don't I can type but no words appear in the response. I have cleared the cache a few times but finally decided to do a factory reset which so far has taken 1.5 hours without showing any signs of life.

    I am almost ready to cut my losses & drive to the Verizon store to replace the phone but I don't really see any of the new phones that compare spec wise to the turbo. 2015 has been pretty underwhelming for Smartphones IMO.
    09-02-2015 04:29 PM
  2. VagrantSaint's Avatar
    I also have crazy lag when using Hangouts on my Turbo. The phone is almost unusable when I'm in a group message.

    Also I wouldn't pay TOO much attention to spec sheets as the only thing that matters is how the phone runs. I'm ditching my Turbo as soon as I can afford to and going for Moto X or Nexus

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    09-04-2015 08:37 AM
  3. wckesq's Avatar
    Yeah, I'm done too. Ordered a Moto X Pure Edition and a N6. Will use Project Fi for the N6 and see if that clears up my coverage issues.
    09-04-2015 09:02 AM
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    If you're having a problem with the crappy email app (yes, it is crappy), there are plenty of good third party mail apps in the play store, including k9 mail. However, the Gmail app can now also connect to IMAP and pop3 mail accounts, so if you like the gmail app, you can try that.

    I don't get many ics attachments, but do they work if you receive them in the gmail app, or another email app?

    I also dislike the verizon messages app, but, again, there are plenty of others in the play store, like google messages or Textra, or you can use Hangouts for sms as well.

    I can't say too much more about anything else. I don't have any Chrysler cars. The camera is what it is - low light and action are problematic, based on plenty of past posts in this forum (search for camera and you'll see what I mean) though there are also plenty of people who don't seem to have those problems, so they're either lucky or stretching the truth a little.
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    09-04-2015 09:25 AM
  5. jrmt077's Avatar
    I agree with doogald, the only problem that exists with the Droid T itself is the camera, its well known in forum discussions, so if that's the deal breaker yes get another phone. Other than that, the mail issue is the result of the default android email program, because Motorola doesn't skin it over with an improved version like Samsung does, try Gmail,Type Mail or K9. If the Motorola radio works the same as other phones at your location, you really cant fault the phone for that, you are probably in a boarder line reception area, good radio hardware cant perform miracles. As for your Uconnect, look around in forums or google, a lot of reports of sketchy connections, check it out before you invest in a new phone. I've used Verizon messenger since Nov 15, never a problem, but again try the default messenger or Hangouts.
    09-04-2015 10:58 AM

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