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    Not long after upgrading to Lollipop, my Droid Turbo began prompting me to activate an enhanced voice feature which was to improve voice dialing and google commands. It sounded good and I enabled it.

    Well it seems to have an adverse effect with my BlueAnt headset.

    Prior to the "upgrade" when I wanted to make a call, the procedure would go as follows.

    I would press the button on the headset
    Male voice: "Say a command"
    Me: "Phone Commands"
    Female voice: "Say call followed by name or number" (beep)
    Me: Call <name>
    Female voice: "Do you want to call <name> at mobile? Say OK or Cancel" (beep)
    Me: OK
    Call goes through

    Now after saying "Phone commands", I sometimes just get a beep. I tried saying "Call <name>" and sometimes the call goes through and others the female comes back with "If you said something I did not get that"

    I would like to turn off the feature but cannot find the setting to do so. Does anyone know how to do this.
    09-06-2015 12:09 PM

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