1. AC Question's Avatar
    I want to buy a new radio for my truck but want to make sure my phone will work with android auto play
    11-15-2015 10:09 AM
  2. sethyboy's Avatar
    If it's been updated to Lollipop, then it should. To make sure, (although it didn't work for me) you can go to https://www.android.com/auto/check/ on your phone and see what it says
    11-15-2015 10:54 AM
  3. GezusK's Avatar
    Well, I just updated my Sonata to have Android Auto. I've been trying everything to get my Droid Turbo to work. I was afraid something went wrong with the update, but I then tried my daughter's Motorola X, and it worked great. So, for some reason, my Turbo isn't working. I have 5.1 installed, have the app already loaded, but the car doesn't even act like it's trying to read it. Going to keep searching....
    12-28-2015 02:45 PM
  4. GezusK's Avatar
    And my searching paid off. Someone suggested turning on USB Debugging. I did, and it's now working. The annoying part is that I had turned it off when I first started, thinking it might be stopping it from working.
    12-28-2015 06:42 PM
  5. doogald's Avatar
    USB debugging on is a bit of a security hole. It's unfortunate if that is the only way to get Android Auto to work.
    12-28-2015 09:46 PM

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