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    Hello everybody. I just wanted to tell about my love/hate relationship with my Droid Turbo. I received my first Turbo (ballistic sapphire blue) in August of 2015. That phone, I'll call it #1, had earpiece crackling. That phone was replaced with Turbo #2, that in turn would not provision on Verizon.
    Turbo #2 FRU was replaced with #3, which had earpiece crackling (again). Received Turbo #4 FRU in late August and has been perfect since the beginning of March 2016.
    Last week Turbo #4 FRU stopped receiving calls, had delayed texts, and choppy voice calls. Verizon tech support diagnosed a hardware issue with the Turbo and are sending another FRU, #5.
    Please don't get me wrong and I appreciate Verizon replacing the phone again, but when is it enough. Plus I pay the monthly insurance to protect my investment.
    I have never rooted my phones, I have many different platforms in my home which include: an iPad, HP tablet, Amazon Fire Tablet, wife's Galaxy Note 5, work iPhone. I just like the features of the turbo, especially the large battery.
    What should I say to Verizon if the 5th FRU has issues? What could I request them to do?

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    03-13-2016 10:22 AM
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    They might give you a Turbo 2 if you ask.
    03-13-2016 10:54 AM
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    I suggested to Verizon about exchanging the Turbo for the Turbo 2 but Verizon stated they are honoring the factory warranty. All the techs I spoke with agree that I should be upgraded but their hands are tied and they only can give FRUs.

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    03-13-2016 02:21 PM
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    I suggested to Verizon about exchanging the Turbo for the Turbo 2 but Verizon stated they are honoring the factory warranty. All the techs I spoke with agree that I should be upgraded but their hands are tied and they only can give FRUs.

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    Escalate the issue. If they say they can only send you another Turbo 1, and not a Turbo 2, tell them you need to talk to the next level of support above their level because they can't satisfy the problem.

    In these sorts of situations I've said, ”I know there is someone at your company with the power to make this happen so please transfer me to that person.”

    If the mood has gotten snarky I might say, ”Please pull out your organization chart. Find someone on there at least two levels above you on the hierarchy. That's who I need to talk to.”
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    03-13-2016 07:09 PM
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    On 3rd FRU in 4 months. 1st was dye to charging issue deemed manufacturer issue with micro SD port. 2nd no I called or called me could hear me. 3rd calling issue again. I have always done power down reboot, cache wipe and factory reset before calling Verizon
    The only reason I haven't switched to a Nexus 6P is due to the ability to get FRU overnight in the case of a valid issue.
    Now considering an upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge due to reports of similar battery usage to the Turbo. There is an offer to turn in your Turbo and get anywhere from $200 or less depending on how good your phone is Like new, gently used, etc. Get the S7 edge on monthly payment plan and choose between a free Gear VR or Gear watch with purchase.
    03-16-2016 11:34 PM
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    I finally received my FRU on Monday after being delayed for five days by FedEx. This was supposed to be overnighted and by the way FedEx would not deliver on the weekend.

    This particular FRU has the best earpiece speaker by far, no crackling at all.

    I am a fanatic about loading my apps, including sideloaded apps, screen setup, Google launcher, photos, contacts, etc. All went well.

    After 48 hours of use the phone started giving me some Google errors, but that soon away after an hour. I think there was a Google issue earlier this week.

    I have not missed any calls or texts. I did have a couple of choppy calls in a strong Verizon signal. I will monitor for any future choppy calls.
    Does anyone hear think it could be a sim card issue?

    I am the techno person in the family, group of friends, and at work. I usually solve everyone else's problems. I constantly recommend the Samsung Galaxy series phones to my friends and most of them get the Samsungs. I got the Note 5 for my wife and she loves it.

    I am seriously considering the S7 or S7 Edge. I hate touchwiz but I can change the launcher. Verizon offered me $90 for my Turbo, I would do Craigslist, Swappa, or eBay first.

    What ticks me off is I purchased the phone outright from a Verizon rep from his store. I didn't pay full price but paid a lot for it still.

    Every time I turn around Verizon has their hand out for more money. We had unlimited data for years and we never abused it. We went to the shared data plan and the bill went up because of the Note 5.

    We had Sprint a couple of years, that was a nightmare. Terrible service and customer service was to be desired. I have ATT for my work phone, I can honestly say the phone service is worse than Sprints. I would never has guessed that in a million years but it's true for my. Never tried T Mobile but my friends had it for their teenage daughters, from their responses I will not be trying them.

    I am extremely happy with Verizon service and you get what you pay for. I just thought they would try to keep their customers happy. A few years ago my wife had an issue with a Droid Maxx(I really don't remember) and Verizon offered her either a S2 or S3. Verizon stated after the third Droid replacement they can offer a substitution.

    Sorry just me rambling on.

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    03-17-2016 07:20 PM

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