1. TurboCommander's Avatar
    I haven't been following updates for the Turbo since using moforoot to root KitKat when that came out. I saw talk about losing functions with Lolipop like wifi tethering which I need so I stopped reading about Lolipop.

    Now that it's been a while, I'd like to know, can rooted KitKat be upgraded to rooted Lolipop? Has the lack of wifi tethering been fixed? Will the upgrade erase everything on my phone? I have Titanium Backup and have setup automated backups but this is my first Android phone and I don't have enough experience to know what wipes the phone and what doesn't so therefore, nobody on XDA will discuss. I'm fully aware of the dangers of bricking and so on, I'm only new to Android, not electronics and firmware and so on.
    04-12-2016 11:36 AM
  2. CraesheTurbo's Avatar
    I am rooted as well. If you take the OTA stock update, you will lose root and have to re-root.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    04-16-2016 07:20 AM

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