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    First off, if you are in a bad area and signal is poor, your device is going to boost power to the transceiver which will make it get hot and drain your battery very fast no matter what phone you have. About the only thing I've found that helps aside from turning off the radio is to switch the network to CDMA Only which uses less power.

    The second thing that can happen to cause your phone to die quickly is if you have the original Droid Turbo, your battery has probably been through enough charge cycles that it's capacity has diminished to a point where it's noticeable. This usually occurs after 400 to 500 charge cycles. So see if Verizon or Motorola will replace it. If not and you have insurance, now's a good time for you to "accidentally" put it in the microwave.

    And lastly, I had a new replacement phone and it started to die after 4 hours, no matter the signal strength. Sometimes this can be a bad app but I removed all the apps I could but it didn't help and drove me nuts. I eventually found the fix. Not wanting to do a full wipe because of the pain of setting all my apps up again. I used the Verizon Repair Assistant which can reinstall the OS without touching your data. This was extremely helpful and fixed the issue for me.

    If none of these things help, you may have something wrong with the hardware on your phone and you should definitely get it replaced.

    Hope this helps someone.
    06-29-2016 03:07 PM
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    No wonder insurance costs keep rising if you are advocating for people to commit fraud.
    06-29-2016 07:27 PM

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