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    My original Droid Turbo got damaged so in waiting for a replacement from Verizon, I activated an older phone (RAZR m) to use in the meantime. Upon activation, Verizon cloud synced, and the cloud then only showed my old contacts!
    When my replacement Droid Turbo arrived, the Cloud put all those old contacts on my phone, plus the newest contacts from within the past year. So my contacts list is incomplete with very old contacts and the newest ones but everything in between, about 60, gone. Strangely now when I go into the Cloud it only shows 6 contacts, a couple I had to re-enter into my phone, and the others from random times. Doesn't make any sense.
    Outlook contacts shows the new and old and some other random contacts, Yahoo only shows those who have a yahoo account, and surprisingly Google only shows 8 contacts.
    I'm coming here because I've called Verizon, and I've gone into the store, but with no luck. I'm afraid activating my old phone my have erased my contacts from the past few years, but still doesn't explain why the newest ones are in there.
    When the Cloud syncs, does it over-write information? Because it's also showing my first pictures from July as the ones I took with the RAZR m and, not my original Turbo. Anyone have any ideas?
    07-22-2016 01:15 PM

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