1. sparko24's Avatar
    So my Bluetooth in my car(2008 Infiniti G35) stopped working the past few weeks. I am still connected per the car but when I try and make a call it just goes through to my phone instead of the car. I deleted the phone from the car and redid everything and I am still having issues.

    I want to say it is an issue with the phone because I have been having plenty of other things pop up lately causing problems but wanted to see if anyone else has been having Bluetooth issues lately?

    And just this morning all of my voice mails disappeared randomly. I had about 10+ in there and now it says I have 0. I saved some of these for a reason and while it isn't incredibly important, I wanted to see if there is anyway to get them back.

    Anyone else had this issue happen to them either?

    06-22-2017 09:39 AM
  2. N4Newbie's Avatar
    Go to Settings -> Bluetooth (and, maybe, "More Settings" - not sure about your specific device); tap the gear icon alongside your car's Bluetooth entry and make sure Phone audio is checked off.
    06-22-2017 09:48 AM

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