1. pdarrah's Avatar
    My father and I both have Droid Turbos (and still love them - haven't seen anything worth upgrading for yet!)

    His phone has started popping up notifications with weird "Problems" that I don't think he actually has. The most recent ones have all been "Low Memory - Please optimize for more memory", but if I check the amount of memory used it is less than what is in use on my phone and I'm not getting weird notifications. He has also had a few about the CPU being too hot (and phone isn't even warm) or running out of storage and since he only has a handful of apps and still has nearly half of his storage free that one is totally ridiculous.

    I have searched his phone for any weird apps (None - its pretty close to as it came with maybe a dozen apps added and I recognize them all - nothing weird or unexpected there.

    I reset the App Cache - no change
    I wiped the system cache - no change

    I took a picture of the notification on his screen in case anyone recognizes it.

    Low Memory Notification - Legit or virus?-img_20170830_085901654.jpg

    Any ideas? Thanks for any help.
    08-30-2017 10:15 AM
  2. Einsteindks's Avatar
    Junk files, ad files, etc? When was the last time the photos were dumped? Thumbnail cache?
    08-30-2017 10:49 AM
  3. pdarrah's Avatar
    I may have figured this out. LOL I think the original "Problem" that was popping up the hot CPU and low storage warnings is gone. The only recent notifications have been the low memory and now I'm thinking those are actually from Trend Micro mobile security which he installed when the initial problem started. I found a setting where it issues a low memory warning if you use 80% of your memory. I've turned it off to see if that stops these notifications. I'm still surprised he ever gets to 80% memory usage - when I check memory usage he is always averaging about 65%. Guessing he has an occasional spike in memory usage when he opens an app or something and that kicks off this warning.
    08-30-2017 11:58 AM
  4. turbochgd's Avatar
    I'd delete the Trend Micro app.
    doogald likes this.
    08-30-2017 03:47 PM

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